Saturday, January 24, 2009

more bags...

My friend Lisa, whom I used to work with at Recollections saw my bags and requested I make one for her to be used as a camera bag. I am totally excited to try my hand at making an "insert" of sorts for camera parts. I had made what I called a "caboodle's case" for a store bought purse awhile back so I've got some ideas as to how to do it. It will be interesting to see if I can create one nice enough for someone elses use. She really liked the pink and brown one I made for Bella and I, so we spent some time at Joann's in search of the same materials. We found the main fabric but even after searching high and low we couldn't find the coordinating print. So we decided to use the main print all the way around. Then after I got home and got Bella down for a nap, Lisa left me a message that she had gone to another Joann's and found a quilt kit containing some cute fabrics she liked. We will have to get together again and see if we can find out the sizes of the fabrics in the kit to make sure we can use it for the bag.

I finished another bag for one of Jimmy's cousin's wives:

With some of the material I had left over I made some cute little "stuff" holders.

The smaller squares with bows are basically open boxes. The sides fold up and tie in the corners. I also put a label holder on the fronts. The matching things next to them are little pocket type things with loop on the back that you can hang from a door knob or coat hook. Like this...

Here is a close up of the "box" with the lable holder:

I've been so busy trying to come up with fun and fast things to make and possible sell. I came up with this little quilted list holder last night:

I think it's kinda cute. Nothing too fancy here. Just a ribbon tie for closing, three pockets inside the front cover, a pen loop, and a tall pocket inside the back cover for the back of a note pad to slip into. Takes a little bit longer to make than I would like.
I'm trying to build up a collection of stuff to maybe open an "Etsy" shop. A few people I've talked to say I should. A friend of mine from back home said she would help me with a logo and name. It's kinda sad cause after all, I did go to college for graphic design! But it is really awesome of her to offer her help! Thanks Holly!

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